Behavioral & Substance Addiction Therapy

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This program embraces not all substance and behavioral addiction, including sex and porn addiction. It is based on the premise that the true drug of addiction is stimulation and that the brain seeks what provides that stimulation and that becomes the drug of choice, whether it is gambling, sugar, cocaine, or a sexual behavior. In short, sex addiction is about addiction, not sex.

However, sexual behaviors that become the addict brain’s drug of choice do present some unique treatment challenges and these are explored in depth.

This program includes content that will prepare students to take the ICRC exam for certification in their state or country and also to practice with a degree of competence and expertise that will meet ethical guidelines in all disciplines.

Students will attend classes one Friday per month for a year and will also complete independent study assignments including viewing videos, attending 12-Step meetings, and writing treatment plans.

This specialty may be taken within the doctoral program or on its own. Course descriptions are included in the catalogue.

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