The IICS programs

Clinical Sexology Education

This core program component is required for all students. It consists of 48 credits and can be completed in twelve (12) months. Enrollment is at the beginning of each quarter and students have several scheduling options.
The classes comprised in this curricula encompass considerable variety in the field of sexology, including the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse, gender dysphoria, and sex offending. Students will also gain in-depth knowledge of
  • Developmental Sexuality,
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Sex Therapy,
  • Socio-cultural Factors in Sexuality,
  • Medical Factors Affecting Sexual Functioning, and
  • Alternative Lifestyles.

Specialty Concentration Education

This program component consists of 24 credits and the completion time is up to ten (10) months. This area may be taken concurrently with Clinical Sexology. Each Specialty Concentration has its own schedule, which is stated in the Calendar. Students will choose one Specialty.
At this time, there are four options from which to choose:
Transgender Care
Sex Addiction and Compulsivity
Hypnotherapy and Sexuality
Kink Conscious Education
These concentrations will prepare students to specialize in these areas and be seen as experts in their fields. IICS will be adding additional specialty areas in 2017, including Sexuality and Disability and Sex Offender Treatment.

Dissertation or Doctoral Project

Students will have one year to complete the Dissertation or Doctoral Project, which is worth 24 credits. The research will be an extension of the Specialty Concentration and they will work with committee members who are experienced in that area. Course Content will include 1) comparison of research methods in the social and behavioral sciences; 2) analysis of specific research on epidemiology, etiology, and treatment efficacy; 3) benefits and limitations of research; 4) application of the scientific process in applied research. Students will formulate an original hypothesis and methodology to implement a research project, conduct the research study, and write a dissertation of their findings. All students will work with a three-person committee with at least one committee member being on the IICS Board. The research project will be specific to the specialty education area.
Incorporate Clinical Sexology into your practice by earning a PhD in this exciting field!

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