Dissertation or Doctoral project

Dissertations can seem scary and so we give our students a great deal of support.
Completion of doctoral research in the form of a dissertation or doctoral project is what qualifies you for a PhD. It says that you are an expert in a particular area and that you have contributed something new to the field.
Dissertations and doctoral projects both involve a lot of reading and writing up your findings in the form of a literature review that leads to identifying a missing piece that you, the doctoral student, will fill in. The only difference is a dissertation measures something and a doctoral project creates something.
For example, a dissertation may measure the impact of an external event on the subjects’ sexuality; while a doctoral project may create an intervention that will teach people how to address a problem such as having a transgender parent. Some of our students have created a program specialty, or researched the need for and then translated the sexology program into Spanish. Some of our students have written workbooks for special populations.
Our faculty will guide you through all phases of your research so you can enjoy the process.

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