Hypnotherapy and Sexuality

Hypno   Upcoming training in July and August 2017!!!

Our brains have two distinct sections that are relevant to us as clinicians: The Limbic System (emotions, reward system, and survival) and the Prefrontal Cortex (thinking, reasoning, and executive functioning). When we do traditional “talk therapy,” we are engaging with the client’s Prefrontal Cortex and we often end up against a brick wall. People cannot “think” their way out of old traumas, cognitive distortions that originated from early experiences, or addictive behavior.

Every clinician needs an alternative, experiential therapeutic intervention in their toolbox that can access the Limbic System and make significant changes there. Hypnotherapy is one of those incredibly effective tools.

When a client is experiencing some sexual dysfunction that does not have a solely medical basis, then hypnotherapy can be used to allay anxiety, heal trauma, or otherwise remove the blocks to optimal sexual health.

The International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS) specialty in Hypnotherapy provides clinicians an alternative to Cognitive-Behavioral interventions.

Classes take place over two (2) - 5 day sessions spanning from July 13-17, 2017 and September 21-25, 2017.

This program may be taken on its own for Board Certification.

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